Amritsar – Your Next Food Destination


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Going to Amritsar? Only worry about these three W’s – What to eat, When to eat, Where to eat!

Amritsar is a holy city in the Indian state of Punjab. The terms generally associated with the holy city are Golden Temple, Jallianwala Bagh, Wagah Border, and food…loads and loads of food. Therefore, being an Amritsari, I feel it is my responsibility to guide you about the best food you get in town, and where you get it. Also, I firmly believe that you should not spend any less than two days (which is also an understatement) in Amritsar so as to taste all the lip smacking delicacies.

So, next time you visit Amritsar, get a copy of this article and be ready to add-on a few extra kilos. Continue reading


A Budget Private Island For Your Next Vacation


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Did you know there are private islands you can actually rent all for yourself? Yes, that’s true! And not for the cost you’re expecting. There are private islands in different parts of the world you can rent for as many days as you want and that too at a sum you would pay to stay in a four star hotel. Many island owners have put up their properties on short-term rental site Airbnb. So be it a fun holiday with your group of friends or a romantic holiday with your beloved, here is a list of private islands you can book right now for your next vacation. Continue reading

Why you should visit a village at least once in your life

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The best thing my journalism college did for us was to take us on a deprivation trip to remote villages in different parts of India to cover the issues faced by rural people. I got the opportunity to spend a full week living in a village in the most deprived area of Andhra Pradesh. This was my first trip to a village and I had never imagined it would turn out to be this memorable. From walking on kuchha (rough) roads to sitting on the floor and eating the tastiest sambhar rice, the whole experience was like living on a film set. Continue reading

Huacachina, Peru

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This marvel is actually situated in middle of nowhere. Amidst a huge desert in one of the driest climates in the world is Huacachina, an oasis town with lush palm trees, and a serene lagoon which is believed to have healing properties. This village is located in Southwestern Peru and has a population of around 100 people. Huacachina is surrounded by sand dunes. Continue reading

Giethoorn, Netherlands

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Giethoorn – also called the Venice of Holland – has no roads. Most of the houses in this water village of Netherlands can only be reached by boats, and others by bridges – which connect most of the village. Four miles of canals and water bodies are the lifeline of this small town. This place has about 2,600 citizens who live in homes on their own private islands. You can row past these beautiful thatched-roof houses – dating back to 18th century – as ducks swim along your ‘whisper boat’. Continue reading

Pamukkale, Turkey


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Pamukkale became my dream destination after I watched a song in a Bollywood movie ‘Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani’ featuring Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor. Luckily, I had the opportunity to go there in 2014. The warm mineral spring terraces are a treat to the eye. They look like icy steps laden with cold water but are actually made of carbonate minerals filled with warm water. You can not only walk your way down or these terraces but can also take a dip in these pools. Continue reading

Two sisters backpacking to Turkey

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I chose to make my second international trip and my first independent trip to Turkey. When my cousin and I told our parents about our plan, they were a little unconvinced. They did not understand at first why we didn’t choose a more touristy tour like a Euro trip. But, we explained to them why Turkey had attracted us so much. We wanted to go to a country in a different part of the world offering us a lot of touristic places to see, having a rich cultural and historical background and being a modern hub for travelers at the same time. Yet, we did not want to spend more than a hundred thousand rupees on our trip. As I sit here to write about my trip, I can gladly say that Turkey was exactly what we had wanted it to be. In fact, it was way better than that. Continue reading